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Hand-painted 3D multiple with lithography that creates a unique sculptural artwork. Hughes’ wall reliefs are a playful concept that play with perspective. This work is constructed of pyramid-shaped blocks that appear to move as you walk by and they also play with perspective when viewed at various angles. It creates a crisp and conversation-starting piece of art.


3D artwork housed in its original perspex presentation box, ready to hang. 


Edition of 45, signed and numbered on the front, created in 2007. 


Measures 43 x 90 x 19 cm. 


Patrick Hughes (born 1939) is a British artist that explores perspective and illusion in his work. He is famous for his 3D artworks and works in paint and print. His 3D works play with optical illusions, opposites and perspective - he creates wooden blocks in the shape of pyramids on a background that he paints and prints onto. The result is that these blocks appear to move as one walks by and when viewed from different angles the wooden blocks that physically come towards the viewer appear to recede, and the same happens with the receded part that appears to protrude. Hughes’ work is found in major public and private collections. 

Patrick Hughes Gifts Hand Painted 3D Multiple with Lithography

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