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Large original colour screenprint from an edition of 45. Signed and numbered in pencil by Patrick Caulfield. Published by Waddington Graphics, London in 1990.


Measures 107 x 81 cm. 

Framed. Overall frame measures 115.2 x 89.2 cm. 


Patrick Caulfield was born in 1936 (d. 2005) and lived, studied and worked in London. He drew inspiration from everyday scenes and items found in our homes, exploring them with efficient, bold lines that were often black and a smooth painting style with even colour panes. This fed into his screenprints which he favoured. Caulfield wasn’t one for self promotion and didn’t want to be associated with a specific artistic movement, though he was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1987, became a Royal Academician in 1993, was appointed CBE in 1996 and his contribution to British painting and printmaking is undisputed. His work is now found in countless collections around the world, most notably the UK and USA. 

Patrick Caulfield Lamp and Lung Ch'uan Ware

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