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This unique bouquet of paintbrushes sculpture by this celebrated artist is a true statement piece. The 12 wooden paintbrushes and wooden pot are hand carved and then painted to create a truly unique and expressive artwork. Each paintbrush is signed by Livio De Marchi. 


Height of the sculpture measures 48 cm. 


Livio De Marchi is an Italian sculptor that works in Italy. He studied in Venice and experimented with materials such as marble and bronze, and eventually wood with dramatic imagination. Also known as the Carpenter of Venice, Livio has created sculptures on a giant scale such as a floating all-wooden life size Ferrari F50. He has also carved three ‘Houses of Books’ in Italy, Germany and Japan - life-size wooden houses with all their furniture and contents completely made from carved wood. Other carved sculptures include a huge 12-metre violin that floated down Venice’s Grand Canal with a string quartet playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, a life size Mercedes and VW Beetle, and a huge horse drawn pumpkin carriage. Livio’s work has been shown globally and he has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Hauser, Interior Design and Casa Vogue. 

Livio De Marchi Paintbrush Bouquet Sculpture

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