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A large watercolour painting of a Venetial scene, signed in the lower right. Yardley is famous for watercolours and this example features another classic Venetian scene of the famous Grand Canal. 


Painting measures 50 x 65cm. 


Framed, overall frame size is 74.7 x 91.4 cm.


John Yardley (born 1933) is a self-taught British painter best known for his paintings of landscapes, still life and everyday scenes featuring people. Interestingly, Yardley worked as a banker for a significant period of his life, painting in his spare time, though he now paints full time and is one of the world’s best known watercolour artists. A Bristol gallery began selling his work very successfully and Yardley continues to travel and paint. His style adopts an efficient use of line and colour with eloquent brushwork that creates fresh and lively composition. Yardley was appointed a member of the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolor. 

John Yardley Large Watercolour of The Grand Canal in Venice

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