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Watercolour painting on paper, signed. Fred Yates is known for his vibrant colour palette in his favoured mediums of oil and watercolour. This painting depicts an everyday French scene.   


Painting measures 21 x 30 cm.


Fred Yates (1922-2008) was a British painter famous for his colourful paintings of everyday scenes, often featuring figures that became his signature. His style is recognisable from his impressionist colour and brushwork which creates paintings with fantastic texture and a liveliness. Yates served during World War 2, after which he pursued a career in art. Yates had solo shows in Cornwall and gained exposure and further solo exhibitions in London in the 1990s where he exhibited extensively. His work is in numerous private and public collections such as the Tate. 

Fred Yates L'Ardeche Watercolour Painting

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