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A large, unique painting by the celebrated satirical artist, Epi, featuring one of his famous phrases on a Penguin book.

Acrylic on canvas.

Hand signed.

Measures 150 x 100 cm. 


At the heart of Epi's work, which draws from street art, Surrealism, Pop art, and mid-century posters, lies a deep desire to satirize the state of the contemporary art world. Hailing from Bristol, England, Epi began working in central Paris during the early 2000s. Influenced by the city’s street art scene and its history of political protest art, he initially made works consisting of stenciled quotations referencing French literary masterpieces. In 2014, Epi returned to the United Kingdom, where he moved away from the street and toward the canvas.

Epi Dial M (For Moron) Red Penguin Book

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